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About LATA




Latvian Open Technology Association (LATA) unites organisations and individuals, including information technology providers and users who consider that they, their organisations and the whole society will economically benefit from broader use of open source solutions in Latvia. Applying open standards to information exchange and storage is necessary provision for free competition in the market of IT solutions between commercial and open source software.

LATA members and associated members are minded to altogether contribute to make the environment favourable for those Latvian IT users and providers who use open source software, programming tools and components thus promoting economy of resources expendable on IT matters and returning them to Latvia’s national economy.

LATA’s goals

  • To be leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry association in Latvia that promote cooperation between technology suppliers and consumers, including public, municipal authorities, educational and scientific institutions on the basis of the following guidelines:

    • openness of technologies, interoperability, reusability and open standards in industry;

    • quality, efficiency and safety of technologies;

    • free and fair competition in technology development and supply.

  • Achieve adoption of internationally approved and open information exchange and storage standards and their wide usage in Latvia.

  • Achieve Latvian society attitude in favour of open technologies, ie. ICT solutions, which are based on open standards, using open or closed source code.

  • Educate children and young people about open technologies and open data.

  • Promote research and development and innovation in open technologies for children and young people.

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